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Sports Festival trophy of CUHK(SZ), in 2018.

Harmonia College won second place in the soccer match and the orientation competition and third place in tennis match in the 3rd Sports Festival of CUHK(SZ), in 2018.

Harmonia Soccer Team

Harmonia Soccer Team established on Januarary 2019, by twenty-nine students of Harmonia College, who are the soccer lovers. The Team aims to play soccer with joy, to improve physical fitness, and to fight for the glory of Harmonia College.

Harmonia Men's Basketball Team

The Harmonia Men's Basketball Team is composed of sixteen outstanding team members, one coach, and one team captain, who are all selected by the Harmonia College. The Men's Basketball Team aims at enhancing the comprehensive capabilities of individual team members and the team, as a whole in various types of basketball events, and to fight for the glory for the college.

Harmonia Women's Basketball Team

Harmonia Women's Basketball Team was founded in 2018, with only six initial team members, but the team has now grown into a team with fifteen members, with a well-structured organizational structure, which is including the departments of Management, Public Relations, Finance, and Publicity.

Harmonia Volleyball Team

Harmonia Volleyball Team was founded in September 2018, with full of vitality and great potential. As a powerful volleyball team, the team members actively participate into the training and carry forward the positive sports spirit of unwavering determination and courage during the November 2018 Sports Festival of CUHK(SZ).

Harmonia Badminton Team

Harmonia Badminton Team originated from the weekly badminton training activities organized by those badminton-loving college tutors at Harmonia College. The badminton team gradually took shape and finally came into being, because of the active participation of the growing badminton fans at Harmonia College.